What’s this all about then?

I’m a writer. I started out on the NME in the late 90s, and for the next 10 years contributed work to the likes of the Guardian, The Word, Uncut, Frieze and a huge amount of publications no longer with us including Jockey Slut, Sleazenation and Muzik.

I am now a scriptwriter, working on a number of TV projects including one, Hitmakers, that was recently long-listed by the BBC Writers Room. I am also a London Screenwriters Festival Talent Campus 2016 alumnus.

During normal hours I am Head of Media & Marketing at innovations advisory Stylus, writing and commissioning reports on culture, advertising and tech for a brand audience.

If you want a rundown of all the other stuff I’ve done, including running publicity for Last.fm, releasing a single with Wall of Sound, and doing digital strategy for the BBC, then please take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

This is my website. Take a look around. Commission me. Buy my scripts. Browse briefly then go back to playing quizzes on BuzzFeed. Up to you.

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Or email me: firstname dot lastname at gmail dotcom